The following post is written by SMART Pics co-founder @raykanani

The other day I was crossing the U.S./Canada border; the border guard asked, “what do you do for a living?” I replied, “I work for a marketing company.” He asked what the company did? I responded, “we design and build interactive photo kiosks that are used at events and entertainment venues.” The border guard looked confused and asked, “what does that have to do with Marketing?

A lot of people look at photo booths as a fun, novelty product; typically used at weddings, grads and other milestone events. The concept is that guests can have fun while receiving something tangible that reminds them of the good times. This is certainly the core value of a print enabled photo booth. However, when you implement online social sharing, the photo booth evolves into something very different.

SMART Pics was one of the first photo booth companies to realize that allowing users to share high-quality photos of themselves having a great time to their online friends turned the photo booth into a powerful data capture and endorsement generator.

SMART Pics removed the booth and integrated its software into an easy to transport and setup kiosk; allowing SMART Pics to be used at outdoor festivals, crowded clubs, sports arenas, art galleries, theme parks and many other awesome venues.

Based on a report compiled by Salesforce, 1 social customer will tell 42 other people about a company. Customers are going to talk about your company through a variety of different methods all of which you don’t control. SMART Pics is that communication method customers love using that brands can control.

As a SMART Pics client you control

  • The photo quality and what it shows: Place it in your busiest area at the club, or in your beautiful lobby. You decide what your guests are showing off to their friends.
  • Logo displayed on the photographs: Have your logo on photos, or generate revenue from partners by having their logo on the photos.
  • Message sent when photo shared via Twitter or Facebook: Include the correct @account and #hashtags. Control the message to make sure it is on brand. Include partner @accounts and #hashtags to encourage cross-promotion.

SMART Pics clients that leverage the power of endorsements

  • Ginger62: Generates revenue from SMART Pics by offering partners the ability to include their logo on photos. Ginger62 currently generates 1,000+ endorsements a month resulting in 33,000+ online views.
  • Sony Pictures: Takes SMART Pics on national campaigns to generate online buzz for their upcoming movies. Sony recently used SMART Pics to generate 2,000+ endorsements for their upcoming Smurfs 2 movie.
  • Macallan Whiskies: Takes SMART Pics to their tasting events; allowing guests to endorse the Macallan experience. So far 15,000+ Macallan endorsements have been generated via SMART Pics.

In the short-term, emails captured from SMART Pics is a great way to measure ROI; however, in the long-term it is likely that the endorsements generated will lead to a greater return on investment.