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The SMART Pics Story

SMART Pics started early 2010 when co-founder Ray Kanani designed and built the first SMART Pics digital photo kiosk.

At the time Ray was the marketing director at the Canadian division of an international hairdressing brand. He became interested in finding ways to automatically generate salon endorsements via photos shared online. After looking for a photo booth that accommodated long-term rentals and social media sharing, he realized he would have to build the concept himself.

The SMART Pics concept propelled to the next level when co-founders Nathan Ganapathi and Aman Bhatia joined the team. Immediately Nathan saw an opportunity for SMART Pics within the nightlife industry. SMART Pics began being used by the top nightlife brands and gained traction in New York and Las Vegas. Aman, coming from SAP, built up the SMART Pics software to integrate with professional photography equipment, and in-depth data reports.

With a passion for delivering exceptional service and value, the SMART Pics story has taken co-founders and SMART Pics products to the Oscars, Superbowl, Coachella, Sundance Film Festival, NYFW, NBA All-Star weekend and CES.

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