Frequently Asked Questions

How much does SMART Pics cost?
Long-term packages start at under $30/day

Our pricing packages are broken down into short-term and long-term. Short-term packages range from $750/day up to $2,500/day. Long term packages range from $1,200/month to $875/month. Check out for more details. Also keep an eye out for our seasonal sales and promotions.

Can I purchase a SMART Pics Kiosk
Custom and Fixed ZIVELO kiosks are available for purchase

If you are interested in purchasing a SMART Pics kiosk, contact us for pricing information.

How quickly can I receive a SMART Pics photo kiosk?

Depending on our kiosk inventory levels we can usually ship out a kiosk next day. Using ground shipping, kiosks usually arrive within 3 days.

Do you have different types of kiosks?
We have two types of kiosks.

Our fixed SMART Pics kiosk weighs 200 lbs and is designed for high-traffic venues available primarily for long-term packages.

Our portable kiosk weighs 70 lbs and is robust enough for the busiest events yet packs up easily to transport to different venues.

How can SMART Pics software be customized?
SMART Pics Software can be customized with the following options. Additional customization is available by the SMART Pics Lab

Logo overlay – You can have your logo placed in the bottom right corner of the photos. For this to happen we will need a hi-res .eps or .png image file of your logo  - (example:

TwitPic/YFrog account – You can have photos sent to your own branded TwitPic account creating a live photo stream from your event/venue. – (example: – If you don’t want this option the default is the @smartpics account.

Twitter message – You can pre-set  a custom Twitter message. Message can include hashtags or @accounts but must be less than 120 characters long. (Default message is: Check out my picture taken using @smartpics )

Facebook message – You can have a different pre-set message sent when a user posts a link to their photo on Facebook. Message will not include @accounts and has no character limit.

E-Mail message – You can include a custom subject line in the email message. Example, “Check out your photo taken at xyz event.” The E-mail template is fully customizable. You can include links and different messages in the email. (example:

How can the SMART Pics kiosk be customized?
The SMART Pics Lab can design and fabricate a fully custom SMART Pics experience or the following customization options are available for our fixed and portable kiosk models.

Full decal wrap: Fully decal the kiosk to ensure your brand is front and center.

Partial decal wrap: A more cost effective option ensuring your brand is on the front of the kiosk for all to see

Do you print?
SMART Pics is focused on the ability to share experiences.

Because of this SMART Pics does not print onsite. When you access your reports you have the ability to download all photos in high-resolution. You can choose to upload these photos to your Facebook and/or print them.

Do you provide props and backdrops?
Currently we don’t. However, there are many great local print shops that provide these services. 

The SMART Pics Lab team is working to make this an add-on option soon.

Do you provide onsite support?

Onsite support is available with short-term packages.

We have 3rd party support partners in most major cities that can provide onsite support for both weekly and monthly packages.

Do you integrate with Instagram?

At this time Instagram does not allow for 3rd party photo uploads, because of this we do not currently integrate with Instagram.

Can you build custom installations or kiosks?

The SMART Pics Lab team has built custom kiosks for sports teams, nightclubs and hotels.

Contact us to learn more.

Do you do video?
SMART Pics is passionate about enabling users to share high-quality branded content instantly.

Because of this, our kiosks do not capture video.

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